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Differing Outlooks on Life

My daughter, Nikki
and Rainie

Last weekend as I strolled into a friend’s garden art show, a man who wanted to know about Rainie approached me.  When I told him that I am a diabetic, and Rainie alerts me to when my blood sugar is dropping rapidly, he immediately put up his hand to give me a “high-five”.  He was diabetic also.  As our conversation progressed, he began regaling me with stories of his diagnosis and bemoaning life’s hardships due to being tied to the regimes and paraphernalia associated with diabetes: the regimentation of shots, finger-stick/blood sugar checks, monitoring, food counts, exercise, etcetera, etcetera.  While sympathetically agreeing that life is different when one has diabetes, I began to overhear the lively discussion taking place at my feet between my daughter and a little girl.  The levels of enthusiasm toward life, and life’s situations, could not have differed more.  I was completely taken aback.

Later, I asked my daughter to tell me about the conversation she had with the little girl, so I could share it here.  This is what she wrote:

“…While I was talking with Angelina, the inevitable question came up, “How old are you?”

She responded with a resounding “Six!”

I told her that six was a good age to be and that I had enjoyed being six.

She said, “I think SIX will be GOOD!! I think I’m gonna get my wish when I’m six!

When I asked her what wish that was, she reached into her big glittery purse, and pulled out a well-loved book.  She informed me that she wrote it in there, and asked if I wanted to read it.  As I flipped through the loose pages, I noticed that the book was filled with “wishes” (to see Turtle Man, to fly in a private jet, to wear ‘the’ pretty blue dress, etc.)  When I finally got to where she wanted me to be, I read aloud from the obviously adult cursive handwriting:

 “Go to Disneyland and stay in Cinderella’s castle.  Dress up like Cinderella”

She danced and beamed, and said that she didn’t know if her wish would come true, because the Make a Wish Foundation was still talking to her doctors, but she hoped it would.

I told her I hoped so too – every one.”

(And I hope so too.  Every single one…)