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Lifting Spirits

Rainie and Mike

This post isn’t about diabetes, or diabetes alert dogs.  This is a story about Rainie going to the beach on a foggy, 4th of July morning and lifting the spirits of a very sad yellow Lab named Mike.  His parents told us he was in deep mourning because his two ‘canine brothers’ had to be put to sleep – one was 12, and the other 13, and both of them failed within 4 days of each mother.  (Mike’s human mother was in tears relating the story.)

It was phenomenal to watch Rainie, although much younger and faster than Mike, run into the water after the stick, then proceed to push it toward Mike, and let him carry it back to shore.  His parents said he’d been unable to do anything but mope for the past 10 days.  Playing with Rainie was the first time he’d perked-up and shown any enthusiasm about life.