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Who am I and Why am I Doing This?

IMG_1997Hi! My name is Hilary and despite being shy and fairly inept on the computer, I have decided to start a blog. I want to share my passions by letting the world know about diabetic alert dogs, and Early Alert Canines (EAC), the non-profit I work with that trains and places alert dogs with insulin dependent children, teens and adults.
‘Rainie’ is my diabetic alert dog. She lets me know when my blood sugar is falling rapidly so I can take action and avoid potentially dangerous situations. She is also my muse and my constant companion – she goes with me everywhere. I’d like to share some of our adventures with you.
I am an RN, diabetic counselor, wife, mother, potter and one of the initial founders of EAC. I was born with diabetes and have seen many advances in the way it is dealt with medically and accepted publicly.  I love teaching others about diabetes and EAC, and sharing the incredible changes Rainie has brought to my life.
Until there is a cure for insulin dependent diabetes, diabetic alert dogs are one way of getting an early alert to oncoming blood sugar changes. I have discovered incredible peace of mind knowing Rainie will alert me so that severe lows can be avoided, while also enjoying the constant, non-judgemental love that a dog can provide. Please join me on my journey.

Comments on: "Who am I and Why am I Doing This?" (3)

  1. Diana Wilson said:

    Hilary, You are definitely blessed by a gift of sharing your life with others. I have enjoyed reading your blog and would love to join you on your journey! our family has been blessed by this organization (EAC) in many ways. Peace and comfort knowing Lucy is assisting my boys rates at the top of my list! I thank you for your passion and I admire you for your strength. Many blessings on your life journey….Diana Wilson

  2. Hilary,
    what a sweet site you have created here! I am proud of you and Rainie and the magical way that she has shown up to serve you. And now how you are serving by sharing your story. This is wonderful! keep up the great work!

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