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Early Alert Canines and Diabetic Alert Dogs


Early Alert Canines and Diabetic Alert Dogs

“Early Alert Canines is a California-based nonprofit organization dedicated to teaming diabetic alert dogs with insulin-dependent diabetics of all ages.

Diabetic alert dogs are trained to recognize and alert on the specific biochemical scents that a diabetic’s body gives off as his or her blood sugar levels begin to change. Diabetics partnered with these amazing alert dogs consistently receive early warnings from their canines before becoming symptomatic with acute, life-threatening hypoglycemia (also known as low blood sugar, low glucose levels, insulin-reactions and insulin-shock). Some diabetic alert service dogs are even able to identify and alert on hyperglycemia (or high blood sugar).

Early Alert Canines’ diabetic alert dogs provide real and measurable help for diabetics. Hypoglycemia is an inevitable and acute side-effect of insulin therapy that can lead to severe medical problems including coma and death, so it is imperative for diabetics to receive the earliest warning possible when their blood glucose is dropping. Additionally, the earlier warnings allow diabetics to better keep their blood sugar numbers at the levels advised by their physicians in order to impede long-term diabetes complications. Though modern medical technology makes it possible for a diabetic to regularly test and verify his or her own blood sugar levels, there are many times when such checks are problematic or even impossible; during sleep, for example, or during intense exercise, school work, or business meetings. Early Alert Canines are always on alert for their insulin-dependent partners, ready to warn them about critical changes in their blood sugar levels. These dogs are more than just a diabetic’s best friend; they are life-savers and life-changers.”

Please go to the Early Alert Canines website to learn more:  http://www.earlyalertcanines.org

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