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Welcome to the 3rd edition of Early Alert Canine’s “The Scentinel”.

For some reason, seeing the newsletter in print makes me reflect on what we/EAC have accomplished in the two years and three months since the initial group of us first sat around a kitchen table to begin visualizing what we wanted Early Alert Canines to be.  (We even needed a name.)

We knew we wanted to create a non-profit organization to train and place low blood sugar alert dogs with adults with diabetes, as well as families with young diabetic children.  And we wanted to be far-reaching in the clients we serve. Thus far, in our first year of placing these life-saving dogs, we have graduated 5 certified teams, with three more graduating in March.  We have teams in Oregon, Los Angeles and throughout the bay area.  There are also 3 teams with families with diabetic children – thus far.

A training center was needed.  What a chore this was.  And we did it!  We’ve created a beautifully remodeled site, not far from a large shopping mall, public transportation and San Francisco.  The location provides many of the learning opportunities needed for training the dogs and teams.

Our trainer wanted to continue the research needed in training diabetic alert dogs, and provide documentation of her process.  Even though Carol had previously trained and placed over 60 DADs, the opportunity to train these dogs for families with very young children was new.  Needless to say, large strides have been made in this area.

Of course, there was, and is, the continued need to develop the non-so-obvious infrastructure that an organization requires – office work, applications, work, outreach, fundraising, developing our reputation, attaining dogs, etc., etc………
Thank you for coming along for the ride.   Please enjoy the newsletter!


Comments on: "February Edition of the Early Alert Canines “The Scentinel”" (1)

  1. Dear Hilary,

    I am so thrilled to see your article here on facebook!
    I am going to send it to mom!
    Best Regards,
    Terri Chew Stewart

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