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JDRF1110_DSC064This past weekend, Rainie and I attended a symposium in order to talk about diabetic alert dogs and Early Alert Canines.  Since one of the sponsors of the event was the Lucille Packard Children’s Hospital, there were many, many kids with diabetes attending, along with their families.  Since EAC is one of the few diabetic alert dog organizations that places dogs with young children, my table was incredibly busy.  And while I talked, Rainie was getting a lot of attention – so much, in fact, that she actually fell asleep under our display table with her head in a little boy’s lap.

It had been a very long and worthwhile day.  I was exhausted as I left the conference hall, but stopped as yet another young girl (about 5 years old and diagnosed with diabetes for 11 months) approached to pet Rainie. While the mom and I talked, Rainie began to ‘nudge’ me.  I praised and rewarded her, as I told the little girl that Rainie was alerting me to my dropping blood sugar – completely forgetting to treat myself.   Over time, Rainie began nudging me more and more while I continued praising her and talking about the wonders of diabetic alert dogs.  As Rainie escalated her alerts to where she was jumping at me, the little girl said, “I think you better go test your finger!”

She and Rainie were right.  My blood sugar had plummeted! *

*Please remember that low blood sugar (hypoglycemia) causes altered and illogical thinking.  This is due to too little blood sugar infusing the brain.  For a more complete  description please see “What Does It Feel Like?”

Comments on: "Too busy to remember to test" (3)

  1. thank goodness for raine and the little girl nudging you to test…thanks for doing what you do…bringing awareness to the forfront.

    • Thanks, Leslie. Sometimes it’s hard to remember that all service dogs are life-savers. And as for the outreach – I love doing it. There is so much for us all to learn and think about.

  2. I am SO famous for this! I am constantly praising Judah for a “good low” and then completely forgetting about it. Eventually he will get so frustrated with me he will either go tell someone else or pick up my kit and smack me with it… that love isn’t it? 🙂 Glad Rainie is always working!

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