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“Always Trust Your Dog”

“A good companion shortens the longest road.”  ~ Turkish Proverb

Rainie near the fire.

Rainie near the fire.

It’s been the sort of day when it’s nice to be able to sit by the fire and read, and have the enforced time to get paper work done.  At times, when I looked out the window, all I could see were gray clouds and rain. It was hard to remember that the hills are finally turning their bright ‘spring’ green after enduring the dry, dull yellow-browns of a long, dry summer.  We’ve been lucky.  Despite the winds, the power hasn’t gone out.  The weather forecasters had warned of heavy rains in our area; but I preferred thinking about my friend’s advice of going to the lumber store to buy what’s needed to make an Ark.  I love the rain and the winds, and watching Rainie lie belly-up in the warmth of the fire.

Finally the rains abated to a mild drizzle around 4:00.   I must admit that I, like Rainie, needed to get out and stretch my legs.  After donning the required rain-gear, we went to the park.  The hills were freshly rinsed to their stunning greens, and the birds were crazily darting about as Rainie and I began our walk along the slick paths (while happily stomping through every puddle – both of us).  I could read the joy in Rainie’s face as she raised her nose in the crisp wind.   Surprisingly, the kids were already out with their snow-saucers and surfboards, careening down the river of mud pouring down the amazingly steep hill.   Rainie stood at the bottom, nose pointed,  twitching toward the teens.  I gave her the command to “Go say hi,” and she charged up to the muddy sledders, greeting each one as if she were ‘checking them out’.  I was wondering, “Did she remember?” On this same hill, last year, she alerted a boy who was unaware that his blood sugar had dropped dangerously low while sliding in the mud.

Suddenly she turned and bombarded back down the hill, stopping at my feet, and alerting me.  Had she actually been smelling me, but associating it with her past experiences with the kids?  Who knows?  I reached into my pocket, pulled out my meter to test my blood sugar, and discovered I had no strips!  Oh no…  Rainie was adamant, dancing at my feet, and jumping toward my face.  I figured my blood sugar must be dropping quickly, but I felt fine.  Yet, in my head, I heard my trainer’s voice saying, “Always trust your dog!”  I popped some glucose tablets into my mouth as we turned back toward the car.  Rainie, however, wouldn’t stop alerting the whole half-mile back.  And when we got to the car, she wouldn’t get in.  This is not a good sign – She’s done this before when my  blood sugar’s been too low to drive.  Deciding to “trust my dog,” I ate more glucose and sat in the car for about 15 minutes, watching the rain come down with gusto.  Finally, Rainie settled into the wheel well, and let me drive us home.

Asleep in the wheel well.

Asleep in the wheel well.


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  1. I have to constantly remind myself that “Judah knows best” and even when my meter disagrees, if he is adamant, I need to trust my dog and not my meter. Not having insurance (and not being able to find a job) means that I run out of strips, and I swear for some reason Judah is MORE accurate and MORE attentive in those situations (or I am more aware of what he is trying to say because I know I have no other way to know). It’s a truly special bond when we can trust our dogs with our lives!

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