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Wow!  It’s been one of those days!  I’m trying to get out the door for a speaking engagement, when the telephone rings.  It’s a doctor’s office wanting to talk about one of my bills (which had already been paid by insurance).  I’m frantically late and trying to be polite while Rainie is pawing and nudging me.   I tell her that she’s a “good girl” while trying to take notes about the telephone call.  I’m truly beginning to feel annoyed!  I’m getting wound-up as the time slips past – the caller persistently insists I need to pay. (I’m one of those who hates being late!)  As I pull up my insurance records on the computer, Rainie continues to annoy me by alerting.  I do my blood sugar, which seems fine (123 – one of my favorite numbers simply due to its sequentiality).  Finally, the phone call resolved, I dress Rainie in her vest, grab my purse, leash and everything else I need, and rush out the door.  Rainie stops!  She won’t get in the car.  Usually she jumps right in without hesitation.  Not this time.  She is quite adamant about not budging – so I lift her in and shut the door.  I’m steaming!  I hurry to the driver’s side, open the door, and find Rainie in my seat.  She never does this except …

…. except when my blood sugar is too low and she’s keeping me from driving.  I take a deep breath and do my blood sugar.  It had dropped 50 points.  I was too low to drive.



Comments on: "I’m Exasperated … and Rainie’s Doing Her Job!" (5)

  1. It so amazes me that these dogs know you shouldn’t drive! Good girl, Rainie!

  2. I’ve always wondered about that, too.


  4. Go, you super girls!

  5. You’re lucky. Give her an extra behind the ear rub from me!

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