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this is day 2 of the Diabetes Blog Week, and the topic of the day is, “What are you good at?: Tell us about just one diabetes thing you do spectacularly!”

I’m surprised this is so hard for me to answer, or even think about. I just don’t acknowledge myself that way. The one thing I try really hard to be good at is not having my life ruled by my diabetes; and this requires a lot of awareness to create a balance between the ‘shoulds’ (of diabetes), and the joys of the present moment. In fact, when I find myself getting depressed, or anxious for seemingly no reason, I often realize that I’ve lost myself in the “shoulds” and fears associated with trying to “have control”, and forgetting to roll-with-the-punches, live in the present, and relax. There is nothing I can’t deal with right now. Breathe!

Me and Rainie
my diabetic alert dog


Comments on: "Day 2 of Blog Week – What do you do well?" (3)

  1. From my point of view, as your reader, I think one thing you do that is amazing and related to diabetes is teach people about Rainie and dogs like her. I’m pretty sure people see you as a pro, in fact. We love you and Rainie!

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