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An Addendum

‘Rainie’ sharing the moment with her friend ‘Hoops’

I’ve received a lot of feedback from my last post where I tried to describe what it feels like to have low and high blood sugar.  I understand many individuals with diabetes are sharing it with family, friends, co-workers and among their support groups.  Thank you all so much!  Please keep the information flowing.

The one symptom of low blood sugar I forgot to mention, and is to me, one of the most aggravating, is frustration. I like to describe it by saying, “On a scale of ‘one-to-ten’ my frustration tolerance is ‘a negative-three’.”  It gets in my way of dealing with every aspect of life, including my ability to make decisions that involve taking care of myself.  Everything becomes annoying – kids, traffic, choices, loved-ones (and others), work, my low blood sugar alert dog, etc.  I often figure out my blood sugar is falling because I’m so easily frustrated.

“Living in the state of frustration” is especially infuriating on those days when my body is extremely sensitive to my insulin so I’m dealing with low-blood sugars for many hours on end.  These periods of insulin sensitivity often happen for no reason I’m award of, and cannot be planned for or avoided.  When they do happen, it’s difficult to be patient while taking care of myself, and dealing with others.  I can only imagine what it is like for other people having to be around me!


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