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Daisies at the Farmers' Market

We got to the farmers’ market earlier than usual, so the regular crowd wasn’t there. However, a ‘Daisy Troop’ was out really early to sell their cookies, and ask lots of questions about Rainie. Here are just a few:

“What is an Early Alert Canine?” I told them that she is a service dog that helps me with a medical condition called diabetes.

“I have a friend who’s 5 with diabetes. Can she get a dog like this one?” I told her that Early Alert Canines trains and gives the dogs to children and adults who are diabetic and have to take insulin.

“She’s got a pump. Is that the same thing?” Answer – Yes. That’s one way she can get her insulin.

“How much do they cost?” (Leave it to a child to ask this question so tactfully.) I explained how EAC doesn’t charge anything for the dogs.

“You mean they’re FREE! Can I get one?” She was so earnest. I explained that dogs like Rainie are specially trained for people with diabetes and that I hoped she would stay healthy and gets a pet dog someday.

At this point, one of the moms stepped in and stopped the conversation – they had customers.


Comments on: "Questions From a Child’s Perspective" (1)

  1. Good job Hilary!!!

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