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An Early Alert

Sometimes, Rainie has an uncanny way of knowing my blood sugar is going to drop long before it actually does.  Today was a quiet day.  I spent most of the day with Rainie up in my pottery studio.  She spent a lot of time either curled by my feet, or with her head out the door, watching the birds. In the middle of the afternoon, she touched my leg with her paw.  She was alerting me.  I tested and my blood sugar was 122.  I gave her a small reward of a few Cheerios.  But she wouldn’t settle down.  She kept alerting.  I tested again about 10 minutes later and my BS = 123.  I couldn’t understand. I was feeling fine. Why was she keeping on alerting?  I tested again – now it was about 1/2 hour after her first alert.  My BS=120 this time.  I kept trying to get her to settle down, but she was persistent in her alerting.  I sat outside with her to watch the birds, but she was still nervous and kept staring at me and pawing me.  I re-tested.  It was now about 45 minutes after the first alert and I was beginning to feel like my blood sugar might be dropping.  The meter read 68!  Good girl Rainie!  She got a big reward as I ate glucose.

This has happened a few times since we’ve been a team.  What is she sensing?  I don’t know. She begins alerting long before my blood sugar changes register on my meter. There is one thing I’ve discovered having a diabetic alert dog:

A Studio Alert

it’s good to trust my dog.


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