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It was really early this morning.  My husband is out of town for a few days and I really wanted to sleep in!  But… at 4:30 I was awakened by a nudge at my head and a quick kiss on my nose as I rolled over.  Rainie was standing over me, really wanting me to wake me up. I groaned and reached for the meter I keep by the side of my bed.  My blood sugar was 102, so I gave her a small treat (she’s trained to alert me when my blood sugar is about 100), and rolled over to get some more sleep —  but she wouldn’t leave me alone!  She kept nudging me and ended up lying on top of me.  Argh!  She must be trying to give me a message, so I did my blood sugar again about eight minutes later, and it was now 68!  GOOD GIRL RAINIE!!  She was doing exactly what she was trained to do.  I rewarded her by ‘giving her a party’ and truly tasty reward with a piece of cheese, ate some glucose myself, and we both went back to sleep.

This is life with a diabetic alert dog.  Rainie takes her job very seriously, regardless of the time of day or situation we’re in.  I think that having her in my life brings peace of mind to my husband, also.  He knows that I’ve always got a living monitor, sensing my highs and lows, and alerting me to when I need to pay extra attention to my blood sugar.  He knows I’m never alone.  And I enjoy having Rainie with me for more than just her alerting.     She is my friend and constant companion, as well as being my perpetual blood sugar alert system.  With Rainie in our lives, my husband no longer fears leaving me alone.  And, somehow, Rainie knows just when to put her head in my lap when my life with diabetes has gotten me down.


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